Annual Operating Plan (AOP)

ANNUAL OPERATING PLAN is a blueprint that aligns with the company’s VISION & MISSION and helps it achieve its strategic objectives. AOP reflects the company’s goals of increasing revenue and margins, staying ahead of the innovation & market disruption curves, and optimizing the use of time and resources

Why Annual Operating Plan (AOP)?

AOP’s go beyond traditional financial planning & budgeting. They are dynamic, adaptable & responsive to the ever-evolving business environment. Also, it takes a holistic approach and considers all the departments of an organization for the development of AOP. A well-developed AOP not only identifies & addresses routine challenges, but also helps to anticipate non-routine & unforeseen circumstances. Some key benefits of AOP include -

  • Achieve exceptional growth for entire organization & its each branch
  • Facilitate organic & inorganic growth opportunities
  • Enhance competitive edge by benchmarking to industry best practices
  • Implement well-defined automated processes
  • Integrate operations & finance to give best control over business
AOP Services

While some of our below services are available individually, we strongly advise considering AOP as a package since it offers a comprehensive solution that significantly elevates your business achievements.

  • Process & Technology – business process automation, data integration between software, IT policies, decision support system via dashboards etc.
  • Resource Management – workplace transparency, third party accreditations, HR policies, payroll matrix, key performance indicators etc.
  • Knowledge Management – management system at workplace, building case studies, IPR development & protection etc.