Merger & Acquisitions

Growth strategies include inorganic approach. Success of Corporate marriages depends on depth of correct target search, due diligence and its valuation. Our post integration services have helped clients to get full potential of smooth integration without disturbing existing operations of the acquired and parent company.

Following are key Services we provide that are mainly in the SME segments:

  • Target search
  • Designing Scheme
  • Valuations
  • Due diligence – commercial, financial and legal
  • Escrow Facilities
  • Post integration services

Restricted to non-listed companies:
Our M&A team has experience primarily in the field of Information & Technology, retail segment, shipping and marine Industry. We have participated in large number of outbound acquisitions and some key inbound acquisitions. We have played active role in compliance of merger plan and legal regulations in case of local mergers.

Our client base is primarily in the range of 5 million USD to 100 Million USD.

Our clients are able to take following strategic benefits from M&A –

  • Economy of scale through critical mass for growth
  • Inorganic growth
  • Acquisition of new technological know how
  • Entry into different geography and customer base in shorter time.

Post integration services:
Post-merger, the companies face different set of challenges and it is critical to ensure that the operations move as per predefined objectives. There is greater financial and operational risk in case if the company is unable to get benefits of M&A. Our post integration services helps to mitigate such risks, it include

  • Evaluation of company policies of both the companies i.e. merging Company and the company getting merge to see its effective in terms benefits to employee and their acceptance of the same. Hence, reducing attrition post-merger/ amalgamation. We take help of methods such as psychometric analysis for employee acceptance.
  • Review of procedures to bring in align with the parent company with least difficulty
  • Employee mapping is based on the job description, qualification and functions to ensure smooth acceptance.