Initial Public Offer (IPO)

INITIAL PUBLIC OFFER is a process wherein shares of a private limited company are made available to public for the first time. This allows company to raise equity capital from public investors.

IPOs are gaining a lot of traction in India, which is a sing of vibrant markets and growing investors confidence. Post the 2020 covid crash, the wave of IPOs in India has been witnessing overwhelming subscription and listing success. This event paved way for numerous IPOs, demonstrating the robustness of Indian equity markets and attracting investments from various segments, including fervent participation from HNIs and retail investors. Here at EAP, we help clients to navigate the complex web of going for an IPO. Some of these challenges include

  • Implementing robust corporate governance & Internal Controls
  • Information required by Merchant Bankers
  • Re-statement of audited accounts & many more

As a peer reviewed audit firm, EAP is eligible to be appointed as a statutory auditor for listed companies