Consulting Services On Joint Venture

JOINT VENTURE consulting gives strategic advice to investors by coordinating and managing partnership elements of entities that want to enter into joint venture. It includes review and vetting of JV agreements and identify critical areas which are important for JV partners

(A.) Defining and implementing Joint venture between the entities located either in India or between Indian entity and overseas entity. Terms of the contract are made based on the prevailing Income tax and GST law and wherever applicable Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) and functional and commercial needs of the JV partners. Arrangement addresses requirements of

  • Obligations of parties during the joint venture tenure and there after
  • Ownership rights of technology contributed by partners and developed by Joint ventures.
  • Manufacturing patents and selling rights
  • Defining composition and board control
  • Structure of joint venture
  • Investments
  • Valuations
  • Terminations and separation

(B.) Vetting of agreement concerning above terms in terms of its implication on technical, operating and Economic impact on the business.

(C.) Assistance in commercial due diligence including management of data room, determination of representations and warranties. Evaluating the impact of representations and warranties on the deal in terms of control, operations and valuation.

Our services are suitable for Engineering, Information technology, manufacturing companies, real estate and service industry.